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Gender Equality

The ELOS  team met Iker Zirion, International Public Law professor at Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Leioa, on 2nd March. Students discussed the topic and worked on a SWOT analysis (StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunities, and Threats) related to gender equality #SDG5.

Aniturri BHI

gender equality

Blog by students of AZKOITIA B.H.I



Women In Science by Aniturri BHI

Today is not 11th February, but we would like to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science every day. We have identified role models reading Zientzia KaieraMujeres Con Ciencia and following the hashtag #EmakumeakZientzian on Twitter, but we have also met young scientists who are doing a great job on STEM. Now we are sharing our work with you and we hope that after reading our articles, you remember some of these great women and their contribution to science.


Women in Science by Ekialdea BHI

Padlet by students of Ekialdea BHI. World Café (Batxilergo Technology and Art students). Posters on Women´s Day (3rd DBH students)

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Women in Science by Azkoitia BHI

Padlet by students of AZKOITIA B.H.I.

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Women in Science by Antigua-Luberri


Women and Science Botikazar

This year we based our work on the International Day of Women and girls in Science Conference that took place in Malta on February 8 and 9.

The students logged into the official webpage and read the programme agenda. They worked in groups: three of them debated the same topics to be discussed there, producing a document reflecting their ideas and conclusions. Another group pretended to interview Talia Ozdemir and Rebecca Jegokian, two young activists. The last group organized an activity programme to be carried out at school that day. Below is the result of their work.


Women and Science I

Women and Science II

Women and Science III

Women and Science IV