Address:  Juan XXIII, 2   VITORIA-GASTEIZ 01004

Telephone and Fax: 00 34 945 263745

E-mail: 010330aa@hezkuntza.net

fachada 2




Address: Nieves Cano, 18 VITORIA-GASTEIZ 01006

Telephone and Fax: 00 34 945 14 9303

E-mail: 010330ab@hezkuntza.net

About our school:

Ekialdea is a public school located in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The school serves 931 students from the city centre and surrounding districts and also villages not too far from the centre (transportation and catering services available).  We offer Secondary Compulsory (Ekialdea I ) and Post-Obligatory Education (Ekialdea II). We are over 100 teachers.

We offer

SECONDARY COMPULSORY EDUCATION (from 12 to 16; four academic years divided in two cycles.) Competence-based approach. Small groups and adapted curriculums for students with special needs.

POST-OBLIGATORY EDUCATION (from 16 to 18). Different learning itineraries for


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